• Rima brand flexible cast iron slices
    • Use with natural wood and coal
    • Large heating capacity options

    KY Series  :  From 15 kw to 50 kw

    SF Series  : From 15 kw to 41 kw

    Thor Series :From 24 kw to 73 kw

    Lmax Series : From 55 kw to 95 kw


    • Chimney valve and simple chimney traction control
    • Casing insolation with 80 mm thick glass wool mattress
    • Two-stage safety lock on the boiler doors
    • Large combustion chamber and large front cover for easy installation
    • Easy operation with functional digital control panel
    • Easy clean and installation
    • Extra cover for cleaning the smoke pass duct in the Lmax Series


    * Please refer to the user manuals for the appropriate coal types.

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