About Us

Rima Heating Systems is a business enterprise and a registered trademark of Önmetal Döküm Sanayi (Önmetal Casting Industry) having experience more than 45 years within cast iron and aluminum casting industries in Turkey. Our product range consists of Floor Standing or Wall Hung Condensing Boilers including the casting exchangers produced by our company under our own patent, boilers and independent boilers fired by Solid Fuel, Atmospheric Burner Boilers along with Gas and Oil Boilers With Forced Drought Burner manufactured with the casting segments produced by our own company.

Condensing Technology

The condensation technology is basically the technology in which the energy loss is minimized by taking the heat of the water vapor included within the waste gas that is created as a result of burning through a heat exchanger, and rejoining it to the system by ensuring return of the heat released. All condensing devices operate at a higher and more stable productivity due to their combustion chambers at all capacities and lower chimney loss when compared to the non-condensing devices.


Increasing energy demand, global warming, gradual extinction of the natural resources, continuous change in the economic balance and the increasing awareness for the environment rendered innovation irreplaceable in our production and our commercial activities. We are aiming to gain added value for all the services and the products we produce with innovative and creative ideas under heavy competitive conditions.

Our History

Mücait Öngör, after combining his education on modelling with a mastership on foundry, installed Önmetal Döküm in 1969 as a model workshop.  The company started it activities in the foundry sector in 1980 by casting parts for the automotive industry. The fact that the natural gas heating boilers have increased following commencement of use of natural gas in Turkey leaded the company to take a strategic decision in 1993 and start producing the first cast iron boiler with its own unique design and therefore step into heating sector.

Our Vision

Our corporate vision is to provide our customers with the best service with our strong technical staff and infrastructure that create values with sustainable productivity and performance through following up the technological developments in the World closely .

Our Values

Rima Heating Systems embraces an understanding which ensures that the company complies with the laws, intra-company rules and business regulations with all its employees and works for the development of our society, which shows an appropriate approach in line with the work ethic, and which support our business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders for which we are responsible for embracing the highest ethical conduct standards. Moreover, our goal is to ensure continuous improvement in order to provide innovative solutions above the expectations of our customers regarding the products and services by understanding these expectations in the best way possible.


As the Rima Heating Systems family, we aim to be a dynamic brand that is constantly improving and marching towards the same goal with our employees in line with our vision and values.  For this reason, we provide job opportunities for each of our prospective employees which will express themselves and create a difference.

Our Policies and Certifications

Rima Heating Systems uses the most advanced technologies in line with Turkey’s and the World’s leading exchanger and boiler producer vision, and provides our consumers with the environment-friendly products and services that are meeting the expectations. We hereby accept and undertake the following:

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