Condensing Boilers

What is Condensing Boilers ?

The condensation technology is based on the principle of decreasing the temperature of the gas released from the chimney to the condensation point (°C 45-50). The water emerge as a result of condensation is transferred to the drain down after collected within the condensation chamber. They operate at high efficiency have a much longer lifetime especially between the temperatures °C 30-50. They work more silently due to not having any additional burners. In the cascading systems where more than one heating devices are operated together as a one single device under the parallel systems principle in order to meet the heat demand at a high capacity which cannot be fulfilled by a heating device, the heating devices can be commissioned and decommissioned in groups and severally according to the instant capacity needs of the area to be heated. The boilers operate with modulation according to the heating demanded while they are commissioned or decommissioned to the system. Each of the devices are controlled at the same time through being connected to the control unit. They facilitate the set up and mounting with their compact sizes. Furthermore, they are environment-friendly with their low emission values.

Both our country and Europe aims to protect the environment by decreasing greenhouse gas emission at a level of 20% through gradually increasing the renewable energy. The ECO Design Directive under the EU legislation expects the producers to determine eco-friendly design requirements, to increase productivity of their products and reduce their negative effects on the environment.

Eco Design Directive (ERP :Energy Related Products) , aims to reduce resource consumption and polluting emissions by using the energy in the most efficient way throughout all processes between design and shipping which covers the whole lifecycle of a product. In this context, first the ErP Regulation in the HVAC sector entered into effect in Europe until 2020 with the mandatory regulations made initially in the air condition devices in 2013, and they were made compulsory in 2015 for engines, fans, pumps and etc. Under the relevant communique, the efficiency value for the seasonal space heating for the boilers and combi boilers with and under 70 kW should be at least 86%; the efficiency for boilers bigger than 70 kW and up to 400 kW should be at least 86% while operating at 100% power , and should be 94% while working at 30% power. In Turkey, the ErP Directive entered into force in April 2018 and under the directive, production of conventional boilers and combi boilers with a heating capacity up to 400 kW and seasonal efficiency of which are below 86%, and the energy labelling application displaying the energy efficiency of the heating devices with a capacity between 0-70 kW had been made mandatory. Again, under a provision of the communique, nitrogen oxide emission limits is beginning to be applied in Turkey as of 26.09.2019 along with EU. For this reason, the standard gas burners generally attached to the half-condensing boilers operating at 102-104% efficiency and boilers under 400 kW cannot be offered for sales as of 26.09.2019 due to exceeding the nitrogen oxide emission limits.

In September 2018, the efficiency minimum value limits were increased while the maximum value limits allowed for NOx emissions were decreased.  Rima condensing boilers are eco-friendly products which have energy efficiency that can reach up to 110% and provide low NOx emission under value of 40mg/ kWh.

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